Can you help me with landing page V2 please! 🙏🏻

Hey guys! 

I posted my initial landing page a week or so ago and got some great feedback. I'll be honest and say it knocked the wind out of my sails a little but onward and upward!

The feedback I had was:

1. The page looked sterile. I knew this but for some reason decided to get feedback anyway 🤦‍♂️ I should have put more thought into the design first.

2. It promised too much, focussed on the wrong things and could have been too niche.

3. The quote's I featured made it look like the individuals were involved in the project somehow.

4. The sign-up bonus may have had the same effect.

My reasons for the above were 1. Speed and laziness 2. Trying to mimic copy I had seen elsewhere over the years even though I knew it didn't sound right 3. I was trying to add credibility to the concept, not fool the audience but in hindsight can see how that could have been perceived 4. Trying to add as much value as possible and felt that the particular offer I had put together would have been a great start for anyone enrolling.

That was V1!


It's with a deep breath that I'm asking for feedback on V2 if anyone has the time.

What have I changed?

1. I used a Carrd template out of the box. I chose some images from Unsplash that fit the theme, colour and topic. It looks a LOT less sterile. I've even gone to the extent of basing the branding on this landing page as it looks nice.

2. I have made the focus about community and made no promises about results, only the benefits of participating.

3. I have changed the model (and name) to focus on shipping a single project in 30 days. Users can then choose to do it for a month and ship one project or stay on board for a year and ship twelve!

4. I'll price it monthly to suit this model. I want to charge so I can cover my time and overheads, ensure it has members who take their project(s) seriously and avoid spam.

5. I've used a quote again but from one of Derek Sivers' books. I've emailed him today to check that he's OK for me to include it.

6. I nearly bailed on the project altogether to just focus on shipping my own projects, but a couple of things I saw made me continue. I saw a video of Sahil Lavingia talking about how he struggles with shipping at times and having an artificial time constraint has helped him in the past. If it works for him, I'm guessing there's value for others. Time will tell!

Anyway, here's the initial draft of the landing page. I haven't set it up with a custom domain yet or linked any of the buttons. At this stage, I would just like feedback on the concept, design and ease of understanding for visitors.

Thanks again!
Rich 🙂

Hey Rich. I'm getting page not found on that url. Any issues on your end?

Haha! I attached it to the domain 😂 Probably should have updated this post 🤦🏻‍♂️

I like it man. It's pretty clear to me what I'm signing up for and the benefits.

Found a small typo "MULITPLIED" above Network Effect.

The only build I have is given it's a community I'm really interested in either who's in the community (bit hard starting out) or who's curating the community (you!). A tile about you as the curator might be a neat way of building some trust when you don't have the testimonials etc. starting out.

Legend!! Thanks for taking the time to have a look at it Tom 🙏🏼

Fixed the typo. Added the maker widget but I think it cheapens the feel of the site so I’ll make a proper tile for it.

I added this section. Tell me if it sounds too wanky! 😂

Very wanky. Keep it.

Too much shit sounds the same on the Internet.

Thomas you are a gentleman and a scholar! If any can do anything to help with one of your projects please don’t hesitate to ask 😍

Appreciate it mate. Happy to help.