Business idea evaluation needed

Problem: Cyberwarfare allows malicious actors to spread attacks across far more people far more quickly than traditional warfare (i.e. bombing, nuclear weapons, guns). However, the levels of cyberweapon security and traditional (nuclear) weapon security do not match up. Cyberweapons are often stolen (which is unheard of for physical weapons).

Solution: A security company that specializes in security for cyberweapons. Since these weapons can often be complicated, this company would innovate on existing techniques to create new processes and standards for what security in cyberspace should look like.

Monetization: Sell services to governments and corporations.


You look to search super far you idea dude! Of course it can be interesting, but it come with a ton of potential downfall.
If your are not already in this field i would say don't do that.
There are a ton of unsexy idea around you, who can make good money and not too hard to make.
Ask people around you what they struggle the most in they life, if you see something they tried to fix but they can't find the right solution, go deeper,.
Are you able to make one solution easily ?
Are other people in same situation ?
Are they have try to paid already ?
If you found 3 yes problem you have a golden one.

@martindonadieu Hey @martindonadieu would you mind giving me feedback on my other ideas -… that really helps.

Selling to governments and large corporations is probably way, way harder than selling to small businesses. Firstly, large corps will have a lot of demands on the solutions you provide and if it is weapons there is probably a lot of legal issues as well.

I don't think governments will tell people on the kind of software weapons they have. They won't simply hire any contractor.

I think it's probably a bad idea but at the same time it is not really clear on what you'll be doing.

Markus, appreciate your honest feedback!

Sure, no problem. I don't like to be negative and it's not really clear to me exactly what you'd be doing. Maybe I am completely wrong here because I am also just taking stuff out of my ass.

There are startups that target large corporations and it's often enough with 1 or 2 customers in those cases since they are so large and pay a lot.