BitDrip - the daily 1-minute crypto newsletter

TL;DR — I'm relaunching a Bitcoin/crypto newsletter (BitDrip) I started over a year ago because of continuous subscriptions even though I haven't been marketing it or writing for the past 7 months.


Hey WIP,

I've been learning, mining, and investing in a small handful of crypto projects for the past few years.

During the 2021 boom, friends and family started asking me questions and looking for insights.

After too many texts back and forth, I decided to put together a mini email newsletter covering the things that I found interesting and I thought were worth paying attention to. 1 email, 1 topic, in 1 minute (or less), once a day.

So I put up a landing page, directed friends and family there, and started emailing. Feedback was good and I even started getting sign ups from strangers.

After a few months of researching, writing, and editing the 1-minute emails I burnt out. 

Each email that took hours to put together. I'd rather be building stuff than become a reporter. So I left it and moved on.

But even though I stopped, the BitDrip landing page was still getting traffic and I was still getting a bunch of new subscribers (~20% conversion rate). I guess people like the core idea/format or are just super hungry for crypto info.

So I decided to reboot it and change up the format to make it more sustainable for me.

Instead of trying to write and report, I'm going to provide links to things I find noteworthy with one or two additional sentences for context. It's much easier for me to maintain, and much easier for subscribers to skim.

I automated everything (no-code!) so all I have to do is bookmark the cool links and add a blurb 👍

The newsletter will mostly be focused on the products and markets, not price pumping or other pseudo guesswork investment bullshit.

If you have a minute, I'd love your thoughts on the landing page and the general format of the email. (The last email can be found on the landing page, no need to sign up if you aren't interested)


Really nice Pete! Simple, clean, elegant. You're saving me time without weighing me down with more fluff to read! Subscribed ❤️