Beta Launch

After several month of hard work a first release of Welina is finally out!

The beta is public which mean everybody can test it, and we would love to have you as a tester!

We have even a beta program if you want to collaborate and grow with us:
Which is basically and to summarize having for free a premium plan, having us coding integrations for you in exchange of feedback.

Here are the major features of this release:
  • Automate onboarding and offboarding through 4 integrations: Github, Slack, GSuite, Sendgrid
  • Onboard people from a different timezone

Coming features:
  • Give ability to anyone to create integrations
  • Welina integration to send emails (no need to use any other services like Sendgrid) with re-usable templates.

To note: Welina is built as an open startup sharing statistics and revenues and being the more transparent as possible.

Congrats on the launch! Did you develop this based on your own needs, or did you notice other companies struggling with it?

I was struggling myself from my previous experiences. And discussing with people around I was apparently not the only one :) I sincerely think onboarding/employee journey is an area in which lot of improvements can be done and maybe even more in the tech industry.