Best Support Ticket Software?

Currently using a simple email mailbox for support.

Any good ones out there which start with an autoresponder (thank you for the email, we will be with you in 24-48 hours)?

Thank you!

I enjoy using You can set up to be a support portal but it's more than that. Lets you connect several emails in one place to easily share email access, or toggle between several email accounts.

That looks promising for scaling up. Did you manage to use the "autoresponder" for DoneDone?

Yup auto responder works well, they also have a "ticket portal" feature that you can enable for a mailbox.

It gives you pretty much the bare minimum for handling support tickets, but does that really well. In my app, I have custom forms that just sends emails directly to the box, auto responder lets customers know we've received it and then we assign out internally from there.

I've been using Chatwoot for years and it's going to stay that way. 😊 Multiple channels; email, chat widget, twitter, etc. Auto responders, canned responses, chatbot integrations, and it's open-source.

This looks good and I see it has live chat too. I like that it's open-source.

How is the support team, are they quick to answer and jump in to assist you with any integration questions you might have?

I don't know, because I've never had to use them. 😅 There's a Discord with the dev team that's pretty active

That's handy. I've had experience with Zuplo who use Discord as a support channel. Felt very comfortable with it, so I'd expect a cheerful similar experience

I use Crisp Chat for #payrequest

Hang on a minute, they have plugins?! This is cool: 😱…

I use for #mentorcruise. It may be overkill for you. An autoresponder in a separate Gmail Inbox may do the job.