Are Twitter ads worth it? 🧐

Like all ads, it depends on whether you can make the economics work. I think they use market-driven pricing so it must be working for some.

yep, it's auction-based (so are adwords, facebook & instagram ads, btw)

This seems best answered with data. New Revenue (sales from ads) - Costs ( time, creative, ad buy )

Not Twitter, but I've tried Facebook and Instagram. I found Instagram very effective.

You should treat twitter like any other marketing channel. You'll need to test to determine if it's a good channel for your business. Can you provide more information on your product and customer?

Twitter allows you to target small communities by interest/industry better than Facebook. That's what I know.

Completely depends on your product and your profit margin

I have tried them (total budget 10,000$). Honestly it really depends on your industry and the kind of product. But it did not give me the right "transactional" results. My thesis in performance marketing is that places like Twitter and Snapchat are great for increasing brand awareness.

Why? because twitter knows your interest graph and for me it will show great travel videos/articles

But google ads are best for revenue generartion

Why? because google knows my intent and it can show ad for "best diving sites in nha trang" when I am intending to go diving in that area...

tl;dr - try for a small amount and experiment but going super hyper personalised segment. if it doesnt work for a 100$ campaign, it wont work for a 10,000$ campaign too.