Are there any cool AI tools for tackling your Googlemail inbox?

One of my main goals in life is to retire from email. 

Help me spend less time in my inbox!

I'm not using this feature myself but can autolabel your emails. Harpa is worth a try anyway, as it is definitely a great tool.

But why not just using Google's very own generative AI features:…

I haven't tried them myself yet, but Google aims to integrate AI into its suite of tools, creating a more interconnected experience where AI links all the apps in your workspace.

Curious what kind of help you're looking for. I have some AI features planned for #blocksender, but given the product niche it would really only be around blocking and tagging emails, not much in terms of responding w/ AI.

Are you mostly interested in cleaning it up and surfacing the most important emails, or also having AI respond for you? Thanks in advance for helping with my customer research! 😉

They need to come up with a nuke button where when you press it, you start over with a clean slate. I have an inbox with about 300k unread messages lol.

Have you already set up the integrated organizers where it'll label/sort emails with specific keywords/from specific people?

I'd be happy to read about some AI tools as well.
On another note, as starting points to clean up your Gmail:

  • I just started using "Multiple Inboxes" view, I recommend it (use filters to pre-configure what mail skips your Inbox, ie. newsletters, or is set to "read" automatically - ie. money transfer confirmations. I also use a separate filter for official or formal communication requiring my action)
  • Do not set "unread first" as an only view for Gmail, you will get overwhelmed extremely quickly.
  • Remember can also "Unsubscribe" a newsletter from any list view in Gmail.

I've been thinking about something similar, though not sure I'm at the "retire from email" phase.

What I've been thinking about is how I can utilize AI to summarize and reduce my time dealing with email. I'm sure gmail and others will get there eventually, but I've started playing around with individual message summarization via a Chrome extension.

The next thing I've been thinking about integrating is giving a tool access to my gmail and then prioritizing, pinging me about time-sensitive messages, writing drafts for me, and overall summarization for entire conversations or bulk selected (thinking like a bunch of newsletters).