¿Anyone using Gumroad?

Hey! I'm founder and CTO at, very similar to Gumroad, but our focus is giving emerging markets more access to digital products by adding local payment methods. 

We already have nearly 200 payment methods in Latin America, plus Paypal for the rest of the world. Once you register, The store is ready to use, you don't need to connect any payment method, we provide them for you.

We don't have recurring payments yet if that's your use case.

I can give any of you 4% commission instead of 9% that Gumroad has if you want to sell anything. (just register and publish your store url here)

Give it a try and let me know!

There's quite a few members using Gumroad:

But I guess the real question is whether people feel like like they are missing out on revenue, because of the apparent lacking payment methods in certain areas.

I recommend updating the question title to reflect and you might get more answers :)

Good point! Maybe their target audience does not have the problem.

I don't use Gumroad but I might be looking for something similar in the future though.
What payment methods do you have for India?
Also what payout options do you provide? I don't like that Gumroad has only Paypal payout for India.

We have have local bank account payouts to India. You'll get the money into your bank account directly, as if a friend of yours pays you the coffee he owns you.

In India, we don't currently operate, it's in our roadmap and we will have this payment methods:

Visa Debit ​
MasterCard Debit ​
American Express
Mestro Debit

PayTM Wallet
Ola Money
Airtel money
Jio Money