Any recommendation for an indie-maker-friendly Terms & Privacy Policy generator or template?

I'm currently looking into I also found, but it looks like a mid-sized enterprise.

OK, I kinda solved by myself 😂

After 3 hours of research, I decided to go with, because It is written in easier English than the others. I will add some paragraphs from other generators to serve my needs.

Here's what I found
1. is free. They generate premium "comprehensive" version with 15$~45$. One payment for 1 domain.

    27$/year subscription. You can try for free. Their legal team constantly updating the text. I'm not sure they generate TOS also. The text seems most detailed and accurate. Complies cookie law. One license for 1 domain but you cannot use with copy-and-paste manner.

    It's a free option. Best if your site has an online shop.

    Personally, their text is a bit difficult to read. As I mentioned in the question, The tone is a bit intimidating and it sounds like you're a mid-sized company, in my opinion.