Any health insurance recommendations/guidance for a US-based contractor?

I'm a contracting web developer. I've been self-employed and location independent for a few years, but I still spend at least half my time in the US. I used to be poor enough to get state-funded health insurance, but in recent years have earned enough income to no longer be eligible. Of course that is a good thing, but it also left me browsing options for health coverage that frankly all looked like shitty deals — given my history of good health and minimal need for medical visits/services.

I know, I know — there is always a need for coverage from a freak accident or unexpected illness. Basically, I've just procrastinated and taken my chances for the last few years without health insurance. The U.S. really blows in this sense — it has actually been more affordable for me to pay the yearly tax penalty for not having health insurance, as well as pay the full cost of any routine exams/services (dentist, optometrist, doctor), than it would have been to pay for even the cheapest insurance plans I looked at. I have also enjoyed the drastically more affordable (and probably better) health services of a couple other countries I have spent extended periods of time in. However, I would like to feel more financially secure about any expensive medical exams/services needs or emergencies that may arise when I am home in the US.

Long-term this country just needs to get its shit together on the medical industry front, but for now I would greatly appreciate any recommendations/guidance towards decent and affordable health coverage for us self-employed 'mericans. 😁