Any examples of "Find or create" input fields?

nvAlt is a text editor which does something very clever. It lets you search your notes, but if it doesn't find anything your search query becomes the title of a new note.

I figured this might work well for posting questions on WIP as well. We all know we should search before asking a question (once the search functionality properly works), but in reality we're often too lazy to do the search.

So what if while writing the question, it automatically shows you related questions?

I'm researching the possible approaches. I think I've seen some helpdesk services use a similar approach. Do you know of any specific examples? Please share them below.

Here's a quick mock up of what it could look like for WIP Q&A.

You could implement something like StackOverflow with Algolia Search or you can implement your short & simple fuzzy-matching algorithm like match-sorter

Stackoverflow does it quite this way. If you ask a new question you get a list of releated questions if anything related is found.