A collection of business tools PDF Conversion and Editing

What are you working on these days?

Working on

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

Would love some feedback about how well the tools work, what other neat tools could be offered and potential to monetise this app either via subscriptions or advertising (I'm learning towards subscriptions)

What can you help others with?

Ideas about monetising or feedback

Something else you want to share?

My main idea was to buy a deleted domain and see if I could get any traffic. The original domain was which brings in a drivable of traffic. This project has morphed into something bigger and now it's a collection of ideas to make things a big easier. 

Ultimately I would love this project to either bring in business for or have its own MRR. 

Cool site and tools. Maybe charge like a $1 or something per action. Or do you have larger plans?

Yeah - I'm thinking of going the opposite – I've got a business that is pay per use ( so for this one I'm thinking of 3 different subscription packages with different tiers. eg 10 PDF summaries powered by AI, on the base plan.

This can serve as inspiration in terms of pricing: . Been looking into a similar idea (around AI tools that can help automate stuff). I think to succeed you will need to invest heavily in SEO to get free traffic + premium tool for heavy users (eg. heavy load of transformations)

Thanks José – I didn't see the 24 hour pass – thats cool. I've seen the online-convert before.

Well I've hacked the traffic a bit, I've bought an old domain name that now points to this one. It cost about $300USD and had 70,000 backlinks (apparently) and has a ahrefs domain rank of 26. Ive bought a few other dead domains that were similar. So I've got a little bit of SEO juice (let's see if I'm right about this).

I also think there are lots of different options around types of tools you can have, privacy, and maybe even a dedicated server for $$$. But who knows.

At the moment the idea was a site to generate traffic for but now it seems to be an idea with some legs.

nice! how do you go and find those domains? search through these and see if there is something interesting, for the domains by the "dp" column. Then use to figure out how good the domain really is.