30-day streak on WIP

It's been 30 days I've been on WIP, and I could not be more greatful for this great community! Big thanks to @marc for creating this, and everyone participating in here.

In 30 days I have:

💪 Learned to be more accountable and truthful when rating my output

🙏 Become more comfortable with sharing what I do, and the things I work in

📸 Learned to take beautiful screenshots thanks to @Taishi Kato (via Xnapper) 😂

👨🏻‍💻 Learned a lot more than I expected about coding. Mainly due to the constant feed of people shipping on WIP, which motivated me to push through the beginner frustrations.

💭 Learned to appreciate the hacker/builder journey as I try to deliver my first product. Although my progress has been slow, I am confident I'll get to ship something soon! 

🚧 Become ADDICTED to shipping. Even if it is the smallest thing, at the end of the day, it feels rewarding when one puts the intent to move the needle, even if its 1%.

I think one of the main benefits of this platform is having a constant visual reminder that things don't get built overnight (unless you are @levelsio 😂 ofc), and being able to see everyone work and progress in their own journeys, its simply beautiful, inspiring, and motivating.

Many more days to come of course, but reflecting on the changes I have made, or rather the changes this platform has had on me, one must stop and appreciate the evolution.

Next milestones: 60 days and 100 days. LFG! 🚀 


PS: @marc , the name tags within the post did not work (not sure if it was intended). But anyway -- THANK YOU.

Ah yes, if you just write @mention it won't work. You have to write the @mention and then choose from the autocomplete list.

The reason for that is a bit technical, but it's basically because the posts are HTML content and using the auto-complete functionality would insert the necessary HTML to make an interactive @mention show up.

I'll see if I can make it work such that just writing the handle also works. As it does in these comments.

I'll update the post for you to have proper mentions

Oh I see what you mean now. The @mentions is completely broken in that editor 😂 – Will fix!

Congrats on your streak and thanks so much for sharing these insights. If you don't mind I'll share some of it on Twitter :)

Glad to help you @alvivanco :) about Xnapper :) Let's keep shipping it!