[2 min blog post] Are you on or off the record?

I'm building Tweet Sweeper — a dead simple web app that automatically deletes old tweets — and am trying to figure out the best way to position and, ultimately, market the app.

One idea I've been toying with is the idea of being "on" or "off" the record when communicating over twitter.

I've been writing this 2 minute blog post to describe the idea and would love your feedback.
  1. Am I making sense? - I honestly don't know anymore
  2. Is the idea compelling? - Do you agree or disagree with the point?
  3. Could I be more concise? - Rather people get the idea in 1 minute than 2
  4. Is something hard to read? - I don't want to leave anyone out

I've been looking and tinkering with this tiny idea for too long. I need it out of my head and would appreciate any feedback.


Boooo.... looks like DNS issues. To the best of your knowledge, is it still happening?

It’s working now. Love the blog post, love your logo! 😍

Hey Pete,

I like the approach you’re taking with the blog post. Here’s my perspective and initial thoughts on it:

  1. The premise of the article is that you can choose to be on/off the record. The thing with twitter is we’re always on the record regardless of whether or not the tweet is deleted. Once its out there, its out there.

  2. I would just paraphrase and clearly outline the pain points and solution. Just easier for the reader to follow.

Re: the product

There’s already a free tool out there with a one time payment. How does your product compete with it?

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply!

On the article — yes I think you're right about the "on/off the record" analogy not being useful enough. May try describing it differently all together. And yes, outline pain points and solution is a good thing for me to work on :)

On the product — There's a few tools that range from open source (…), to free ( to rather expensive (

I just figured I'd make a simpler (and more opinionated) product that can be fully set up in 2 clicks and is neither free nor expensive.