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no-code tool that allows permissions?

Thanks all. Bubble seems like it could do almost anything, but would take quite some effort to build, not far from just doing it in code.

For other people's reference: some of the no-code / low-code apps I've looked at;

Bubble - no code webapp

Wappler - low code web & app

WebFlow - web apps
--> can be combined with Memberstack for user mngmnt - multilingual no code mob + web app

draftbit - no code mob + web app

appgyver - no code mob + web app

Remake - low-code web app (by WIP member - plain HTML -> web app) - “internal business apps”

budibase - “internal business apps” - no code web content bizz, A/B, marketing (CMS...)

BravoStudio - mobile apps - no code ... something - no code mobile app, looks shakey

pory - make simple site from airtable

Carrd - one-page web apps

Not a question, just some feedback from a baby-maker to other baby-makers

Working together with the right person solves most of the problems you have while making something alone.

Getting external money to join in is cheap. Your weapons here are thoughtfulness of your vision (knowledge of the problem/audience) and clarity in communication. Your obstacles are your own pride and hope.