Carl Poppa

Carl Poppa


Ran a restaurant for 13yrs. Sold it. Learnt to code. Now we're here.
Joined January 2024

Spacebar is left thumb. I use a the mouse with my left-hand for work, but right-hand for gaming.

Eating, chopsticks, dishwashing, most daily chores with left-hand. But I write with my right-hand

I think i was dropped as a child 😅

All the food would end up on the floor if I tried using chopsticks with my left-hand.

Just Google Sheets 😬 But I've used Quickbooks in the past and it's very simple and intuitive.

Thanks Carl ! I'll go check it out.

Looks good Pete. Simple, does what it says. Prefer to have no flashy animations tbh.

Thanks! Still some work to do to make the design nicer

I've been using SendPulse for years. I use it for waitlist capture, drip emails, newsletters, and many other things.

"because I don't like people" 😂😂😂

same bro, same... 😄

We're all in the same boat it seems 😂

Some affordable options:

• shared hosts/VPS
- Passenger

• full-service deployment companies
- Engine Yard
- Rails Machine

• cloud deployment services
- Engine Yard Cloud
- Heroku

As a beginner, I recommend Heroku as it is ridiculously easy to deploy as long as your source code is under version control with Git. Also because Heroku was initially built for Ruby, and is written in Rails.

i have been using Pallyy. Powerful and affordable, v happy with it. Built by an indie maker too

Discovered this and its all i needed. Thanks for the suggestion Carl !