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What are your business goals for 2021?

I would like to create some info products. Also, I'd want to write less code but have higher impact. In 2020 I wrote many lines of code which did not get much anywhere so I think it is good to step back and do it only if it is absolutely necessary.

#hotwirecourse : This is going to be a course on how to build modern web applications using Hotwire. I'm now in the process of creating it.

Further this year I'm thinking to create a handbook on how to incorporate a company in the Netherlands. Basically a simple guide about boring stuff you need to take into account when running a business. When you have no idea about this, it can feel very intimidating.

#speqt Finally hoping to get this product out and see how it will pan out. There are interest from the market which we're now in process of testing.

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

Looking forward to that Hotwire Course! Be sure to share it on as well!

Thanks Marc! Will do so :)