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Wow Cat, thanks so much for sharing - definitely gonna take a leaf out of your book and try this! Really really appreciate the detail you've gone into here 🫶

Thanks for sharing, Ben!

I've had similar experiences so far...

I think because it's such a numbers game, its hard to tell if its the channel that isn't working or the approach until you've tried each one hundreds/thousands of times.

It's hard to get incentives right when there's so much friction too - maybe the right offer/email would make the channel blow open.

Yeah, you might be right - I'm willing to bet there's a bit of a numbers game involved too. I haven't purchased yet, so I'm only able to target 100 people max haha. That said, results might be different with 1k people or 10k people. I'm going to give it a shot once I finish a couple of sales demos to see what kind of customer feedback I'm getting and refine my pitch.

Hey Tyler - absolutely love the site. Couple of small things:

You say designs are done “within a day or so” - I’d try and nail this down to something a little less ambiguous. The “or so” really takes the wind out of an otherwise powerful point for me.

I experienced a bug with the carousel - I think instead of looping I just see empty slides when it’s at the end?