brian lowery

Really??? Ok awesome. The docs make it seem like it’s some super bad thing and that they specifically made the index api to fix.

Just make sure you don't use the indexing API for anything other than jobs, Google really burned me on that one :)

it's funny... whole startups based around that - 🤦

I want to keep the job up, but clearly mark it as closed. Also the expire date on the schema will show that’s it’s closed too.

There's some other great tips in this LI post:

I mean.. if you look at his sites on semrush they get almost 0 traffic. Your site gets more traffic than both of his sites combined.

BUG: updating profile picture keeps the cached photo

I updated it twice and it still shows the old picture unless i open the image in a new tab

ahhhh. I missed it because i was just looking for an input and label.

Thanks Marc!

Yes, it's a bit weirdly designed. Really need to fix that whole page.

I like this idea since it's built directly into wip and could be a way for organic traffic.
- person links in twitter bio / personal website
- visitor clicks link, is now on wip, navigates to other pages, etc.

Add an ability to see a preview + crop your projects logo and header with the exact aspect ratio after uploading. Kind of like this on linkedin:

I made this exact feature for work once (the designer and I even used the linkedin one as a reference). It was pretty fun to implement with html canvas!