Alexander Kluge
four more modules of Kourosh Dini's great course "Being Productive - Simple Steps to Calm Focus": Learnt about habit-building through having low barriers; setting a reminder when to finish a work a session and having a buffer set before your start the work session; using an "Inbox" where you store distractions / thoughts that come to mind during a work session and to clean your Inbox after each session's end (so the Inbox doesn't become a todo list - which would kill it's purpose of being a temporary thought holder); when cleaning the Inbox deciding which items can be done in up to 2 minutes and which items will likely require more than 2 minutes - those < 2 minutes do immediately, those > 2 minutes put them in your todo list for today, another day or an action/project list β€” the important thing is to have the items organized at some place that fits best for you so that the Inbox becomes clean again. #health