Domain Watchman


A tool for monitoring domain names
Create a dev usage plan and modify the post confirmation lambda to assign the plan to the dev user when creating a new account #domainwatchman
Measure the performance of the updater lambda #domainwatchman
Write a lambda function to update all the domains #domainwatchman
Write tests for the update lambda #domainwatchman
Add a support for different usage plans #domainwatchman
Speed up database tests #domainwatchman
Setup a global secondary index and write a method with accompanying tests to return all domains from the database #domainwatchman
Learn about global secondary indexes #domainwatchman
Create a lambda that Cognito calls after a user confirms the email #domainwatchman
Make the alert disappear when navigating to other pages #domainwatchman
Limit the number of domains a user can add #domainwatchman
Continue refactoring the tests #domainwatchman
Refactor database tests #domainwatchman
Refactor the database according to the single-table design #domainwatchman
When adding or removing a domain from the table, update the total number of domains in the user row #domainwatchman
Sort domains by expiration date #domainwatchman
Fix a few small issues #domainwatchman
Fix an issue when a user logs out after a page refresh #domainwatchman
Make the auth middleware to read region and pool IDs from the environment #domainwatchman
Redirect the user to the dashboard after a successful verification #domainwatchman