Combat Mission Course


A university-length course on the game Combat Mission.
Spent a few hours creating a short "player's aid" to serve as a "TLDR" for people. #cmx1course
Fleshed out what the player's aid should contain. #cmx1course
Fleshed out what I want the 'Quick Start' to contain. #cmx1course
Recorded a video version of the official game manual's "Basic Tutorial". I still need to edit it. #cmx1course
Spent some time trying to figure out how to best make the manual collapsible and mobile-friendly. #cmx1course
Reviewed work by freelancer towards getting the game manual converted to HTML. #cmx1course
Update freelancer's contract to a higher rate but disable manual time, and review his work and explain what he did wrong. #cmx1course
Spent some time working on the manual to figure out what the freelancer should do next, and made a video explaining to him what to do. #cmx1course
Ask freelancer why he's only using "manual time" and not the time tracker, because he billed for a suspiciously large amount of time for his last assignment. #cmx1course
Fleshed out the different sub-categories of training scenarios I'd like to create for each unit category. #cmx1course
Tried one of the 'Additional Practice' scenarios Julius created. #cmx1course
Thought up some ideas for things we could do to improve the official manual. #cmx1course
Reworked the folder structure so the learning unit is at the top level and the instructional material type is nested within each, rather than vice versa. This should make it easier to switch up how the course is structured. #cmx1course
Reviewed Manny's work on the table of contents to let him know if he was doing it correctly. #cmx1course
Determined the different categories of weapon systems in the 'Support' category so that I can create a training campaign for each category. #cmx1course
Went through the process of adding HTML tags to the first part of the manual's table of contents, and created a video to explain how it should be done that I can have an Upwork freelancer finish the work for me. #cmx1course
Reviewed Manny's work copying the manual to a .txt file. #cmx1course
Started to flesh out the Dropbox structure for containing unit-specific training scenarios. #cmx1course
Added important links to my bookmarks. #cmx1course
Trying out Parsec to see if it could be used to do co-op in Combat Mission. #cmx1course