Your opinion about automation of the work routine


We are working on the app, that automatically finds connections between any of your work assets: files, documents, tasks, meetings, persons, conversation, etc.

Basically for any thing you work with it will list all related stuff and show all conversations and activities relevant for this thing.

AI model is to be done to define what is the most important.

Would love your feedback about it —

1. Do you currently spend a lot of time to manually gather necessary assets or you solved this issue? If solved, then what do you use? 
2. We don't store any data, but what are your privacy concerns? 
3. Any apps you can propose to integrate with? 

1 - I recently had a problem with data stored on my computer, not the cloud. As I used my laptop on a trip, I was not able to have this data. But I don't your app would have help.
2 - There is clearly a security problem with my organization, or my clients. They won't autorize me to enable you to read everything.
3 - I don't see emails. I use Fastmail for example.