Who has a Shopify App with MRR ?


I'm looking for your experiences about Shopify Apps. I have a lot of experience in e-commerce logistics. I have made API connections with WooCommerce, Shopify and a lot of other platforms and carriers. In the past I did made some WooCommerce plugins, but the biggest downside for me is keeping your app or plugin up to date with the platform, browsers, testing it with all new versions and so on. Where the API is more stable. 

* isn't it a risk to rely on Shopify only? Or is it smart to focus on one platform and one problem to fix with your app?
* any other experiences, life lessons? Just let me know.

Regards, Peter

We ( have some Shopify apps. If you stay on it, have a good USP and marketing, it can definitively work. I know some people who did it and are happy. We didn't focus enough on it and are currently working on something else.
I'm always of the opinion to not put your eggs all in one basket, at least when you have some eggs. Starting out and working on some apps that give you some income, seems like a good approach.
If you have some questions, let me know.

I had an app on the Shopify app store and was able to grow it, but constantly changing requirements, copycats and low ACV wasn't worth it in the end for me.
Not saying it's not good, just not as easy as it used to be.

Did you sell the app in the end? Or shut it down?