Which side project should I focus on first?

1: Password security tool
2: Novel domain registrar
3: Stock recommendation tool
4: Slack team building app

I need your help. Any feedback or input would be amazing

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1: Password security tool - Tons of them, and really good ones (free)
2: Novel domain registrar - What do you mean by Novel ?
3: Stock recommendation tool - Stocks are basically gambling, nah?…
4: Slack team building app - More info ?

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100% agree with Florian. Focus on solving a need.

Pick a problem that you think is 1) a real problem people are willing to spend money on to solve, 2) you believe you can create a better solution for than what's out there today, and 3) make sure it's something where you can actually reach your target customer.

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What is your goal? Do you want to make a business, learn something or just for fun?

As Florian and Marc mentioned it's a good idea to solve a problem. I can also add that making something that you're not using yourself is more difficult as a one man team, unless you really like talking to users and performing user tests, in addition to making the thing.

The question is not which one to choose but why. Always start with "why".

Why should you even have a side project, what's your motivation?

When you have your "why" everything falls into place.

Whenever I'm presented with multiple options I always step back and ask myself this question. Say I'm at a car dealership and the sales rep. gives me 10 options. It's easy to get lost in the details but if I remind myself why I want a car in the first place, the choice is usually crystal clear.

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