Which of these three pricing pages is best? And why?

I've been looking into the successful slack bots and what makes them successful. I am currently analyzing their pricing models and pages to see what I can learn, improve, and possibly derive from them for my own pricing page. The pages are as follows:


(additional info here:



The questions are:

Which one do you like best by appearance? And why? Which one do you like best by model? And why? Any other remarks?

Feel free to answer any question or all questions. It would be great if we could make this a small case study for best pricing page. I think it could help future makers a lot as well.

I like the pricing page the best. I like the design, except that it goes below the fold on my computer. Also, I like the grid with check marks that shows what you get per tier. I think the standuply pricing page is a bit industrial. I like the pricing model the best. I think people appreciate anything simple these days. The pricing page might have a bit too many options. They might be better served by putting the enterprise option on it's own section below.