Where do you upload your images in projects?

I did the same mistake @harrydry did 2 years ago by putting them in DataBase as MongoDB Blob or something (don't remember now) but never hosted them any reliable paid service other than Imgur. A/c to your experiences what is the reliable place you've found where you host your images nowadays ?

Mostly directly on the filesystem. And just save the path to the file in the database.

What I can also recommend is simply a s3 bucket and save only the open link, but I have never used productive..

It depends on such aspects as:
* how often are these images accessed?
* how fast do you need them served?
* how big they are (file size wise)?
* how much are you willing to invest in modifying your current infrastructure?

If we're talking about a bunch of small files that are served constantly on each request (like avatars), I'd put them alongside my backend (eg. inside of a DigitalOcean Droplet) and introduce caching;
If you're thinking about larger files that are rarely downloaded/displayed (eg. renders of PDF files), I'd put them into an object storage (like DigitalOcean's Spaces/Volume) to reduce costs;

Recently I've heard very good things about – a service that stores and serves your images (acting like a CDN with built in image scaling/processing abilities). Have a listen to…