Where do you host all your stuff?

Primarily I host my apps at Firebase. I also use Google Cloud for some stuff like CI workers.

I thought Firebase is for Key-Value store only. Where do you host AskUser?

I host Ask User at Firebase. You'll be surprised but Firebase is much more than just a DB. It's all-in-one platform for web and mobile apps: hosting with CDN, serverless provider, authentication API, file storage, etc.

AWS, because we run Serverless and they arguably have the best FaaS implementation among cloud providers.

I am no expert at hosting at all, but I would tell you to look at as it has different services & I think it supports Serverless with Apex Up & is very reliable. People complain to me telling AWS is expensive & all.

For tests and short term stuff I generally throw up a 5-10$ droplet on DO. But for anything mid to long term I like to get a dedicated at OVH, or the French section of as the server specs are so far above anything VPS for the same money

Depends on the project.
I really like as a backend. And host my frontend on netlify.

Other then that I use AWS for some stuff.

And if I need a small server I generally use Hetzner.Cloud (
Which is similar to DigitalOcean, just way cheaper.

Well, I'm building in React with Node JS & I think I'll be using Apollo with GraphQL. So what do you think I should use which is cheaper but efficient?

Also, where is ScreenHunt (bdw awesome product) hosted on?

So you are writing your own graphql server?
There are plenty of options.

You could also use for example the free tier of ( to host your node.js stuff.
And netlify for your react frontend.

Or use apex.up ( to deploy your nodejs server to aws lambda which would be also free for the first 1 mio requests I think.

Lamdba and API Gateway are pretty cheap tho. However never use the EC instances. They are super expensive if you compare them to other cloud providers.

ScreenHunt is btw @pugson project. Not mine :D

I'll be using Express GraphQL I guess.

Idk what changed into GraphQL server side but the whole Apollo Prisma thingy is confusing nowadays.

Zeit's Now shows all the code if its free under _public or something I don't remember

Yes TJ's Up I'll give it a shot or use GraphCool if it suffices my needs

But you did help with it, right? Designer I guess. If you're not then I must've mistaken someone else 😂

Oh I guess you mixed up something. I think @chmielwork did the design of screenhunt :D

Yeah true, the free tier exposes the sources. I guess up + aws would be a better fit then.

Oops sorry I mixed both your profile pics, my bad 😂

#screenhunt is using for the backend + React front-end on Netlify.

Is the free plan sufficient for Screenhunt?

Can't tell unless we open up to the public.

Combination of GKE and AWS.

Flask app (in development) on Heroku.