Where do you find your contracting gigs?

My question is, most makers need to eat while shipping side projects or making indie products, so where do you find contracting work?

In my case, some of my work comes from word-of-mouth from previous companies or networking I've done Some other ones I pitch to, mostly early-stage (funded) startups.

Curious to know what do you do to keep you afloat and how do you find that work.

Try this if you're ok with a long-term strategy that requires patience:

  • Make a list of top 5-7 companies/people you'd like to work with (dream clients). Approach them with a problem or business challenge they have while also providing a solution or a partial solution and then ask for nothing in return.

The alternative: Get a day job (part-time/full-time) depending on how much money and free time you want and need and don't worry about contracting gigs. Use your free time and available funds to make your side project a reality. Sounds so easy and straightforward, right? ;)