when to use react?

wierd question. but ive used react/ redux a couple of times for projects and think they are pretty shit. (this is probably cause im a noob)

simple things like displaying a modal can be made into nightmares and you end up having a reducer for them!!!

can anyone give me some guidance on when react is worth its value. pretty open ended question. just after some guidance

When you think you need it. All comes down to preference and the complexity of the thing you're going to build.

I personally don't want to use anything else any more (maybe preact for performance reasons only). It depends on how well you know what you are doing as a developer, but I can see only benefits in using react for your time management as a developer as well as a result for the end user you are building for.

You probably don't need Redux and not using it will make your react code a lot easier to quote and understand (to a point).

Like shawn mentioned, don't use redux. You can can and should use / try React by itself. You will know when you need redux. Related article: