What VPS do you use?

I’m moving away from serverless to a more ”old-school” type of stack, mainly because I want to have full control. 

I was thinking of using IONOS - any views? 

This will be very key for my services so want to make sure whatever I get is good enough. 

I use Linode because I'm familiar with it and the costs are low and specs are good. Hard to move away from what works for me.

Previously used DigitalOcean and considered it again recently but the low-end VPS specs don't match up to using a Nanode. IONOS looks like a good option based on specs/price.

Digital ocean is way too expensive imo. I used them in the past but find their computes very limited for the pricing.

Hetzner is great. VPS available in both US and Europe. Been using their bare-metal as well as VPS for years.

Will defo give Hetzner a deeper look, last time I reviewed them my requirements were different. is what I always recommend for DIYers - site’s been around for years and has the absolute cheapest VPS deals

I’ve been using a VPS I found from them for years now for $11/year, no downtime

Just check reviews before you buy

Good option, will explore.

Btw, if you're looking for a specific provider recommendation, this is the one I used with the $11/year deal and they've been great:…

I got lucky as I picked them just because they were the cheapest at the time and it was for a non-serious use case, but now it's been multiple years and they're ranked one of the top providers on LES:…

Zero issues the whole time

you might find this site useful:

personally i am using digitalocean (manage k8s)

I like Digital Ocean for their UX, services options (CDN), and fair pricing. It's not absolutely the cheapest but decent and predictable.

My issue is, I need TB of bandwidth and many gigs on the machines - DO pricing then goes up significantly.

I run search engines and internet scanning tools…

Really appreciate you all for shipping in with your personal preferences here, exactly the food for thought I was looking for.

Thank you all!


Love Hetzner too!

yeah they are ok, but still lots of things don't work like in aws, for instance the private networking is a joke, no vpn's, no vpc peering like in aws and so on.....

I suppose we get what we pay for, but compared to most providers, I find their solution offers many benefits.

Will review them. Could be an option.

Love Hetzner. HostHatch is also quite good if you need locations other than Germany and US.

In the case you want 20€⁠ credits upon Hetzner account registration:…

Another surprising solution is Oracle Cloud with their ARM VPS. If you pass their signup (it took me 3 weeks to create a working account), then...

I would not recommend OCI under any circumstances

I signed up for their always free VM, created it, then forgot about it for a few months

They terminated my account for no reason and refused to answer my support request as to why this happened. Multiple agents said "maybe you violated ToS, we can't do anything, have a good day" -- not possible considering I never used the account and there wasn't a data breach

Basically I'd assume they terminate free accounts at random to save money (basically "free" is a scam), or their AI model for determining fraud is broken and you could easily have your account removed for no reason

There are many people with this problem:…

I tried Oracle Support and I'm locked out of accessing my account there, phone support won't help, etc so I have no options left besides creating a new account, which I won't do because this will likely just happen again