What tools do you use (or previously used) to monitor your website?

How do you know that your production website or platform is up, performing well, and functioning correctly for your users?

This is an edge case but I just setup nearly all of my agency website on Notion ( For each section I created a Rebrandly URL and that's how I'm tracking link clicks. This is super hacky.

How well is this working for you? Is there anything that this solution doesn't provide you that you wish you had?

It's good (I think). I started my promotion rodeo and really should have hooked up Rebrandly to Google Sheets or Airtable via Zapier. For some reason, I didn't do it before launch and kinda stuck with analytics in Rebrandly. I guess it's an easy fix with an export! I haven't really ventured out for more sophisticated analytics but I suppose that heat maps and drop off rates are important thing to know later on? Not sure how valuable that is.

Bugsnag notifies me of exceptions (bugs in my code), and Uptime Robot when my sites are down.

I also configured a few checks with Blazer that notify me when certain SQL queries result zero or non-zero results. For example if there's no new signups for a week, I get emailed.

Nice! Is there anything that the combination of Bugsnag, Uptime Robot, and Blazer doesn't provide you that you wish you had? Would you rather have a single solution, or do you prefer the multi tool approach?

Multi-tool approach works, because everything is best-in-class. Having everything in one tool sounds good, but I'm not sure it would be able to compete with the individual tools.

There's currently two things I miss from these tools:

  1. App performance analysis. There are plenty of tool that provide this, but they tend to be around $99 per month which is a lot of money for something I tend to use occasionally. My use case would be to occasionally analyse and improve performance, rather than track continuously.

  2. Logging. I haven't found a good and affordable tool for this yet. Again, this is something I wouldn't use a lot, until I need to track down a specific issue.

In both these cases added them on-demand isn't great, because it takes some time to get data. But leaving them always running isn't great either as they are quite costly and I don't use them much.

I'd prefer a model where you can always save the data, but only pay when you want to access it.

I'm receiving errors in Telegram. I just put this code snippet everywhere where error can happen:…

Have you had any incidents where this didn't detect a customer impacting issue?

I use slack, each app has its own channel, my apps send me any info Configured to their channels

What are you using to detect issues to trigger the Slack notifications? Or is it just coded directly into your applications/site?

Hard coded. I use golang so I need to deal with errors anyways, so I have a function sends them to me

papertail + new relic

How do you use Papertrail? I've looked at it, but found the UI kinda confusing. Curious to learn how people use it in practice.

Papertail is easy to be added on Heroku. That's why I've started this. Also, when I have a bug report, I can search it easily in logs. I don't use many monitoring system but for me it's enough still :)