What the best way to set up an email address to receive and send emails for a new project?

I often spin off side projects and I need to be able to send and receive emails from that domain (to look legit). I don't want to set up Gsuite until I know it's working.

I point MX records to fastmail.
Also you can use namecheap webmail but I've never used it.

You can use something like :)

OH MY GOD, this could be the solution to all my problems!

Sidemail was made specifically for this purpose. It's powered by Mailgun which I use myself.

I tried to use it and it actually crashed a few times so I gave up :)

Hey Manuel! Jon from Sidemail here, if you need help getting setup let me know, I'm working on improving the DNS setup flow and showing specific information depending on the domain provider.

Mailgun + Gmail = FREE

Here a quick guide:…

This is EXATCLY what I was looking for, thanks for sharing!

Np, if you have any questions you can ask me :)