What's your favorite streak tracking app?

I see many log their activity and count streaks of their activities here and am curious:

a) Do you use any app to track streaks?

If yes:
b) What app do you use for tracking?
c) Do you manually log things?
d) Does it pull data from 3rd party apps (eg. github, apple health, strava etc.), which ones?

Cheers đź––

I don't have a centralised app. Apple is tracking my three circles/activity streaks, Zero is tracking my fasts, Duolingo is doing his thing.. I have few other things I do through the health app but nothing major.

The best and flexible streak tracker I've used is a spreadsheet. Sucks on mobile, though : )

I built a rudimentary Airtable + Google Spreadsheets + Looker (Data Studio) integration a couple of years ago to log my workouts & streaks after trying a bunch of apps and finding them lacked the kind of reporting that motivated me.

Wrote about it here:…