What’s a good platform to manage and send cold emails + follow ups?

I've used just Gmail normally, but I use Trello to visualize who I've sent cold emails to and set Due Dates about when to follow up. Curious to hear other answers!

How does following up work for you? Do you get results from it?

I have a relatively high response rate when I do follow-ups, and I often respond to people who follow up with me (even if they didn't get a response the first time). What often happens is many people forget to respond.

Anyway, I think if your ask is modest and you keep things succinct, people are happy to respond. Of course, no wasting people's time 😄

would love to see a snippet of your follow up mail and even how you have set up trello for this :) THanks for sharing

Mailshake gets rave reviews from people I know doing lots of cold outreach work