what kind of big problems do you face as an indie developer?

I am not a developer, but I am an indie maker. I face one major problems: Time management and switching between tasks. Between consulting and my attempts to launch products, I find it difficult to find the time and to switch between tasks. I am however beginning to do better, with a better weekly schedule and making mini projects for each day. Hope I can keep the momentum going.

how are you managing your time? are you just writing down specific things to do that day? are you using the Pomodoro technique? Can you give me examples of what tools you're using?

I am using three things: 1. "mini-projects" - really small tasks that i can do within 15 minutes. i record this is in Excel - which is strangely efficient. 2. Streaks - WIP, plus I have a paper based system. 3. Weekly review - helps me to prioritize what I need to do, and schedule for each day. That way the big organisation of the week is done, and I pitch up everyday. As I try to work in 15 minute slots, it is kinda like Pomodoro, but not yet doing this in a systematic way. Big Warning - these systems all work till they do not. Hope it continues to work for a long time.

One problem i feel is continuous motivation. I am motivated most mornings but then every once in a while comes a day when i feel like maybe this isn't worth it or this is not a good idea.. etc. take your pick for de-motivation. I joined WIP mainly to loose away this de-motivation and focus on one thing at a time.

Tbh motivation isn't the problem, it's your discipline. Do you have a plan for everything? create a habit, IMO. bc the problem with motivation is yeah you got this energy hyped up but when it ran out you're effed. but with discipline even you don't want to do it, you know you have to do bc it says on your planner and the sure will of doing it even if you don't want to because habits have been built. I suggest reading books like atomic habits and the self-discipline blueprint by Patrick edblad and apply it to your life right away. hope this helps

Oh absolutely ! In the past 2 months, i have developed a number of habits by sheer discipline. One of them is just waking up early at 6AM to work. When i say motivation, i actually relate it to is the idea i am working on good enough? Some times, it feels like it isn't and it sucks some energy.

I have been using Airtable and WIP. All my to dos with details are in Airtable which help me stay focused.

sheer discipline will only get you so far, strategize my friend, its in the books. discipline in all aspects of your life? not just waking up? maybe you're not happy about what you're doing and need to rethink about it? first, you got to not fall in love with the technology and dig deep and find out what makes you happy all the time and do it. second, maybe your product isn't something you want to build? Does the market have a need for your product?