What is your dev stack of choice?

No language is better than another... as long as you ship (or at least try to). Every man for himself. :)

  • TypeScript
  • React Native (iOS, Android)
  • react-native-web (Web, using the same code from iOS and Android)
  • Node.js
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB or Postgres
  • Heroku or Now or Google or AWS or Firebase

Frontend: Vue, handlebars or static HTML (maybe built with a static site generator)
Backend: Express/Node (goto) or netlify lambda (trying this out)
Hosting:, netlify, cloudflare (CDN)
Database: Postgres, Airtable

Still looking for good (cheap) database hosting, I might have a look at spinning up a Dokku instance on DigitalOcean.

Frontend: React, styled-components, host on Netlify
Backend: node.js, prisma + graphql-yoga, host on heroku (free plan) while developing and then DO
Mobile app: React Native
Dekstop app: Electron

Frontend: React, Mobx on netlify
Backend: feathers-js (awesome nodejs framework), on heroku OR aws lambdas using serverless
DB: mongo/postgres, depends on the project

I'd like to use only serverless as it's very cheap and scalable out of the box, but it's still quite young (no socket support, not very smooth dev flow...)