What is the correct way to learn a web UI framework?

I have tried to use many UI frameworks but they get in the way. That is, I want to make a particular layout but I am not able to find out how to make that layout using the framework.

I don't think this is true for everyone.

So how do you learn a framework so that you can use it to make any UI you want? Or at least confidently write custom CSS where really needed and leverage the framework for the most part.

I program in RoR and use bootstrap. I´m not very good with css so i usually buy a template for 20€ based on bootstrap, use the styles that i like and modify those that i don´t. I used to try to create all the styles from zero but that could delay the shipping of the project for a couple of weeks.
Now i just try to launch ASAP and doing that allows me to be faster.

So i guess my answer is i dont know and probably just practice, practice and more practice.

He's right. Practice, practice & practice. Nobody is good at design, they just do it 100 times & they find their style like Marc did with WIP, Betalist & now Caption Cat. Just spend hours at it & you'll get good.

Also, if you can now, just use Flexbox or Grid, no UI framework is needed now in 2018. Everything has become much simpler. If you want to learn how to learn CSS then trust me on this one, try & complete it. After that you'll know how to learn CSS or anything else in the world. Its the best course I've taken in the world. Gamification done right.

Hola @aviarin

The way I approach a given css (either a UI framework, colleagues CSS or a commercial template) is by divide and conquer. Basically, getting every single component into the units, atomised.

From that point I have components that easily adaptable on what I have in mind, or what the given design from my clients/employees wants.

So the main idea is to simplify goals in simpler tasks that I can easily resolve without getting it into a big complexity.

Actually, that works to me for every skill I use in my day by day, from designing systems to write code.