What is the best tool to manage feature requests?

Are there any tools out there to manage feature requests by (and with) the community? And if so, which ones do you prefer?

Hey @ernstmul - I'm a beta user of - I use it for all product management tasks including logging feature requests. It's kind of a Trello on steroids - you should check it out :)

Great question. I've got 'Feature Pitch' on my idealist. So only a view features that you can describe like 'concepts' or more extensively than just a feature list with voting functionality. Following this topic to see if something like that exists.

There are a bunch of services for this, but in my experience 1) most customers prefer to just message you via Intercom/etc than go through a 'feature request' website, and 2) feature requests by themselves aren't very useful. When someone request a feature, you'll want to dive deeper into the problem they are trying to solve and then figure out yourself what the feature should look like.

So my recommendation would be to stick with email or however else customers currently reach out to you. Try to better understand their reasoning for requesting a feature. And if you absolutely must, keep track of these requests using a tool such as Trello, etc. But if you're just starting out it's probably fine to do it in your head as more common requests tend to resurface anyway.

Having said that, these are two services in this area I think are the most promising: