What is the best CMS platform to build a community website connected to Telegram including user profiles? What’s the best & easiest way ?

I'm not sure there's an established service for that yet, but I have heard some people exploring the idea. The tricky thing is that every community is different, so what would work for one wouldn't necessarily translate well to another.

For WIP I just built it myself. It takes some work, but the benefit is that you get to implement the exact features you need. You can start out simple and expand based on user needs.

Are you considering starting a Telegram community? In that case I'd just start without any website. Then later allow people to submit their profile through Typeform, Airtable, or Faces (shameless plug). Once you've validated the idea you can invest into something custom.

Hi Marc thanks a lot for writing back. I want to build a designer and maker community (focus on Design) and want them to also somehow stay accountable (inspired by you) but also add features like being able to give each other feedback on their current designs or gathering a common directory or useful resources with the use of bots.

For the last one you proposed sheet2site which could work but if I later on (after validating) I want to expand it I am not sure if its the best solution. (See attached a screenshot of the idea (frontend and command are already done)

For the feedback part I am not sure if there is a workaround or easy solution. I will definitely check Faces as this looks like a useful tool where the users could create their profile. Is it somehow possible to integrate Faces with a designed Wordpress landing page I already have for the community?

Thanks s a lot