What is 8m pageviews of freelance developers worth?

Put up a "Your ad / job listing here" banner, see how many sponsor you get and how much price they are willing to pay to appear on your website, thats the most realistic worth calculation I can come out 😅

8m pageviews per how much time? What do you have to offer to these freelancers? Who can you offer the freelancers to?

Prob easiest way to start monetizing is to get a bunch of affiliate links for various freelancer tools and put them up. See what happens.

But if we're talking 8m views to a sales page for a $49 product (realistic) with a conversion rate of 1% (realistic). That's worth about $3,920,000.

However if we're talking 8m views to a homepage with no buy button and no ad in sight, then the value of that traffic is approximately $0.

So really it depends.