what do you use for saving all links and texts from all over the internet that could be helpful in the future?

I save a lot of links both for research purposes. I'm in the process of moving everything into Notion ( now, organized into a combination of spreadsheets (with tags) and docs based on topics. I used to use Evernote but find their search function to be a disaster now.

I'm sorry, I haven't ever used notion, but as I think - you need to copy something, open the app and paste it, is it correct?

Yes. Another option I've done in the past is using OneTab ( and organizing your tab files based on topics so you can easily get to them. That option would involve all your links remaining in one tab in your browser.

For links I use often I have a bookmark folder in Chrome.

I see. I'm thinking right now about creating an app for fast saving links, text and images (for example, using shortcut CMD + C + S, so you don't need to make a right click of your mouse or even open the app) with convenient and powerful search based on hashtags.

Would you be at least interested in this app? And could you, please, share what exactly you didn't like in Evernote's search and why is Notion's search is better? :)

I think something like that could work and be cool.

Evernote's search used to be amazing (it would find words in PDFs and images and all sorts of things like that), but now it just DOESN'T WORK. I literally search "TEDx" to find a note that is titled "TEDx notes" and it doesn't find it. The most basic search function doesn't work in Evernote anymore. Notion at least does that. I like Notion partially because it has a bunch of functionality (writing documents, spreadsheets, trello-like cards, reminders) all in one app that LOOKS GOOD, so it's a convenient one-stop shop for me. I think I will still have to use something like Mendeley for research compilation but we'll see.