What do you think of a mascot for a newsletter app?

I made this newsletter app, it's had a few cycles - customers have bought it and helped improve it, and I myself use it too.
But I never really got to push the sales massively cos the editor had some bugs, and I was learning how to build it whilst building it.

Anyway, I got a really stable new version ready now, that can also send the campaigns, so I'm nearing the proper marketing push.

But I wondered about having a mascot, just for fun.
The project use to be called emailotter when i started it, but I rebranded to 'Letter' you think an otter could still work with the Letter branding (see  landing page - it's outdated though!)

Otter could look like this, but use vectors or change the style. The otter will be called Pongo:

Mascot looks great. But maybe simplify it a bit?

Yeah for sure will make it fit in with the current style with strokes, the pic above is a rough idea from MidJourney

You're just ditching the snails, I see. 😂

No, but seriously, I really like it! Not too many ESPs have mascots. (MailChimp is the only one I can think of off the top of my head while sitting at a red light, and let's face it, it's time for another.)

So, like MailChimp, you can have a complex mascot like this then have a more simplified (doodle-esque kind). I'm not sure how a complex image would impact page loading speed or if it would at all, but it's something to consider.

ahh yea i should finish that snail thing 😆, maybe as evening project!

thanks for your thoughts! I agree, something simpler and even animated 👀

It'd be fun to have it animated when someone first loads the page, but then it's static after the otter does whatever you want it to do.

(Like let's say the otter comes into the screen from the right then walks to the middle and "hands" the user a letter from his bag. Then the image is static so it's not constantly moving.)

So much simplistic though! 😂

I love the otter mascot, because of the meaning, you know, it's a liitle bit nostalgic and cute <3