Vivanco is here.

Hey WIP crew -- Alejandro here. I'm a Finance professional from Toronto and recently discovered this community through the Indie God (☒). I look forward to contribute to the great community at WIP as I venture with much greater intent into my entrepreneurial projects.

Let's ship!

Hey Alejandro, welcome to WIP and thanks for being a PRO member 🙌

Having a finance background is pretty unique in the indie world. Could be a great unique advantage. Is this also the area you plan to build your product in?

Thank you @marc ! I'm glad to be here.

Indeed, I feel a bit of an outsider haha, but I love trying new things and I have been learning a lot so far from the indie way. I've been heavily involved with startups for the last little while, and that has pushed me to want to tinker hands-on with concepts/challenges that founders often struggle with (growth, monetization, product-market fit, etc).

Currently, the product/ideas I am looking to pursue are outside of finance, but as you've pointed out, I believe inherently my perspective may bring a different "taste" to the way I build. So, let's see :) I'm excited!