Update #8 - Discover our new method: the North Star

We've shipped something new: the North Star!

It's an easy monthly reflection method to help you with clarity, focus, and direction. 

The idea is simple. Define the person you want to be(come) and Mindwave auto-emails it to you every month. You can fill out our template, or create your own set-up. Basically, it's just a content page that you e-mail to yourself.

🔗 Check it out in your Mindwave.

What else is new:
🙏  Personalize your Mindwave and select your preferred methods.
🎬  New 'How it works' movies & onboarding steps.
🔒  All comments are now private. Only you and the story author can read them.
📥  Subscribe to public journals by e-mail (no more 'following').
💫  Design improvements, everywhere.

As usual, reply to this mail if you have any feedback, questions or just want to say hi.


ps. Check out my latest personal story: The new pricing page ís my product roadmap.

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