Toss a suggestion to your witcher? (Website help/suggestions)

Well, I'm finally tired of my bullshit and looking to make a real, honest-to-goodness website.

Most people here are coding wizards, which is awesome, but I'm so not. I know how to turn my computer off and on again, and that's about it.

So, I need your help, ESPECIALLY if you're tech illiterate like me.

I'm in a position where I *need* to make sales, like yesterday, which means I need to build out my website to lead people to a central location to gather leads and do all that fun stuff we do.

Except...I need the platform where I host/build to be super user friendly. Like so user friendly a 5 year old in the 80s could use it without having an existential crisis or nervous breakdown.

It doesn't have to be the best website in the world, but it does have to be functional and look legit. It also needs to be simple enough to use and maintain, but also sustainable enough to where I can use it to build up SEO to start ranking. (So it needs to have content functionality that's simple to use/update.)

IDEALLY, it would be able to sync with something like Mighty Networks so I can put a link for people to sign up/log in to the membership community.

(In other words, using something like Caard isn't really an option.)

I'm fine paying for a service if it's reasonably in my budget. I just need to know where to go.

(For context, even drag and drop is migraine inducing, but it COULD work if there are extensive tutorials.)

And if you're a newish website developer/builder/creator/person and you want to practice on someone (and get paid for it because we pay people around here OR if you want to exchange services for it we can work out something), reach out. My Telegram info is on my profile.

@graeme_fulton helllllpppp 😂

Aah 3am here lol but is really good , I used that to make in a couple days, or is also a good one
I’ll telegram you when I wake up , happy to help get you started!

Thank you! I've literally never heard of those, so I'll check them out (and I'll watch out for your telegram).

Why Carrd is not an option? You can post a link there to a community as well.

Otherwise second Framer, it's an amazing tool and integrates with some other automations like Zapier.

Mostly because I need a lot more functionality than Carrd can offer.

I'd need to be able to add a CMS and integrate with several other features (i.e. Calendly, Convert Kit).

Also, if I'd have to learn one website platform for my ghostwriting site, then I might as well have the same one for my strategy consulting + membership site, which would need to either integrate with Mighty Networks or have a community feature that works for what I need. Functionally, the consultancy + ghostwriting sites would be the same otherwise (besides the membership on one), though.

I've been looking at Thrive Themes since I know a lot of people who love it (and I used to have it back in like 2015 or so when it was new but never played with it), but it also requires dealing with WordPress's steep learning curve, and I'm not sure how (or if) Thrive compensates for that.

(Except WP has excellent SEO options, so there's a bonus.)

I'm definitely checking out Framer to see if it meets my needs, though!

If I understand you correctly, you want

  • User-friendly UX for managing the site
  • Content-heavy/focused website with paid community
  • Premium/Paid Community feature like Mighty Network, but does not have to be Mighty Network
  • SEO optimized

If yes, in my opinion a suitable solution is Ghost, it check all marks and you can get nice themes like from Bright

This one is nice for personaly focused

Thank you!! I've heard of Ghost but haven't explored them yet. Definitely going to dig in more this week.

Your site looks great by the way!

Thanks! Yeah check it out in a quiet minute, they have good docs & resources