tinyfeed - social, without the media/circus

Hi everyone, I would love some feedback on a simple idea I had..

Basically I am completely over social media, the ads, the data collection, the spam, the notifications all that crap.
I wanted a way to be able to keep in touch with all my friends and family who are spread out around the world - without the need to actually ask how they're going every week or message or call them. I still want to know what they're up to, how they're doing but just without having to have direct contact each time.

I built a rapid prototype for a minimalist social feed that was originally based on Steam's friend status feature (the one where it literally just says what game your friend is playing right now). The reason being that over the years, and all my friends moving off around the world, even if I hadn't spoken to them in a while if I saw e.g. the "Levi is playing DOTA2" that I knew he must be doing OK. It always makes me smile - just that simple text update. I don't have to DM him etc. I just know he's ok. 

So I present to you tinyfeed (not sold on the name but, eh). An ultra minimalist social feed where each user get's one text update, with no history. If you change your update the old one disappears. All updates are displayed in a simple list that auto updates with most recent at the top.
There are no notifications, or likes, or chat, or even photos. Just words, and hyperlinks.

It's all working, please feel free to sign up/sign in/break it and MOST OF ALL please please give me your honest thoughts/feedback/love/hate :p

- Owen

Hey! Is this not gonna be the same as WhatsApp status? You set it once you download the app and always "Working" for the next 5 years.

Once I get onto a landing page, I don't have examples of what this so-called tiny feed actually looks like, I really would love examples of use cases and why it is useful to me.

Hope this helps!

Hey! Haha nah not like that :) That is very helpful! Thank you, Klim!

Just tried it. Honestly, I think you'll have a lot of trouble convincing people to use this. To have this app solve your stated use-case (seeing how your family is doing without directly contacting them), you'd need to convince everyone you want to follow to add your app to the list of social apps they use.

You might be able to find some online or offline community for which something like this would be useful (e.g. a Reddit group or Facebook group or something), but I can't think off the top of my head what community might be interested.

Thanks Nathan. Yeah I think it would probably be for people who are either not active on typical social media sites or who are tired of all the crap that comes with them. tinyfeed is almost like a digital detox for social media addicts :D