Throw – The new space for asking and answering questions anonymously

Throw is an app for asking and answering questions anonymously. 

In today’s world, content in communication exchanges is strongly influenced by the personas and façades people maintain/upkeep/safeguard socially, ideologically and on relationships.

Throw addresses this by creating a space free from this social agenda. Thus focusing strictly on the content exchanged and providing a safe, comfortable and unbiased space where people can ask and answer anything freely with no bias, fears or strings attached.

Throw may be used for serious matters and also just for fun…

Our motto is "Be curious & dare to know!"

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We'd love to hear any kind of feedback and questions about our product! 

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My main piece of feedback is that I'm unclear why I should care?

I don't go looking for random questions or random questions. If I have a specific question, I go and find a person or a community of people who's opinion I trust on the subject matter. A big group of random strangers is probably the last place I'd go.

I think the concept would make more sense if it was geared towards a specific industry where people can't use their real name for some reason and where experience/expertise is less relevant. Not sure what that would be, but that's for you to figure out.

Thanks Marc,

It so happens that from our research we found that there is a large number of people that hold back on seeking feedback either because a) they do not have an individual or group of sufficiently trustworthy people to rely on, or b) they do not feel they have a safe and confortable medium or space to do so, or c) they are just too proud or feel they would show weakness towards others by doing so or being vulnerable.

So it is a mix of social pressure, insecurities and lack of a safe and confortable space that for many people many topics and questions often remain hidden or unasked.

Topic range from self-esteem, family or relationship advise, career advise, parenting advise, difficult life situations, big decisions, sex questions, religion or politics among others...

Throw aims to become this safe, confortable and unbiased space where anyone can be themselves without fear of being criticized.

Beyond that, there is a strong power behind allowing every user have a large audience at the tip of their hands.

"Crowdsourcing minds"

If you are not an influencer or public profile (which most people aren't) who has thousands of followers on your social media accounts, this tool becomes pretty interesting and powerful.

Some additional use cases from the ones I mentioned before are project and product feedback, market research, content validation or feedback (for content creators before actually posting stuff for real), crowdsourcing ideas, trivia (for fun), curious questions. Which you mentioned you wouldn't do yourself. However it's come back as a potentially large interest on our research.

People in general tend to be curious and they may be curious to know what other people really think about a certain topics at different points in time (controversial stuff, social taboos and so forth...).

Finally, we do plan to become expertise specific down the road. So users will eventually be able to target a very specific audience of experts with their questions. But that takes time and a large crowd...

Anyway, hope this makes sense and thanks for the roast!

Feel free to contact me or roast this response too if you wish! Happy to hear more!


All makes sense! But I still think it will be very challenging to get people into the habit of going to Throw when it's not geared towards a specific topic.

I think people aren't wired to think "Oh I have a question, let's go to a Q&A site". I think they are much more likely to think "I have a question about $topic. Let's go to a $topic site"

Similarly when someone does happen to come across Throw randomly (like me right now), it doesn't necessarily immediately resonate or is mentally bookmarked because it doesn't feel relevant yet. Whereas if I would randomly come across a site that's about a topic I'm interested in, then I might (mentally) bookmark it.

I believe if you start out within a specific niche it will be easier to expand from there, rather than when you start off very broadly.

Thanks again for the insightful feedback Marc! It certainly helps!