Thoughts on yet another NFT project

Trying my hand in solidity programming by launching yet another NFT project. 

My project will feature 3D avatars that are generated on-chain that people can view and play with through the web-app. I am curious to hear about people's thoughts on allowing unlimited mints for the NFTs. 

I know the whole thing that makes NFT popular are the limited supply aspect but I am wondering if this model will work out: 
- Allow unlimited mints for the 3D Avatars
- Users who hold the NFT Avatars are allowed to participate in **limited ** NFT accessory drops for their 3D avatars such as jewelry, hats, etc
- Some accessory drops can only be minted by holders of Avatars with certain IDs, eg less than #100

Also thinking about using Polygon MATIC but I have not done too much research around it and do not know the pros and cons (other than having lower gas fees). 

Want to get people's thoughts on this.