Suggestions on working a full-time day job and build side projects at the same time?

Routines; how to keep energy and focus, etc.

I wrote an article about my thoughts on this a few months ago and it seemed to resonate with peeps since it's now been read nearly 100k times:…

I think the key takeaways are:
- Determine your focal points and eliminate noise outside of that
- Think of time in tiers
- Focus on "absolute" tasks

As for routines:
- Do the hard stuff in the morning or when you have the most energy
- Time block
- Measure/track your progress

Awesome Steph! Thanks for this great read. It resonated strongly with my current situation 🙂 I’ll work on identifying my absolute tasks.

Glad it resonated!! Wishing you the best.

Great post. I can just sign this. Id did/do #fullstackjob beside having a 70h+ job and all is about time blocking, tracking progress, focus, and yes, do the hard stuff in the morning (I start around 3:30 am :-) )

Thank you!! I definitely don't start at 3:30... but amazing that you're able to ☺️

I'm probably also able to sleep earlier then you :-)